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Some tips to save you time and money....

The aim of this page is to give you some guidance on buying property with a view to a building project of some kind. This could be an extension, or a conversion/alteration. It could even be the construction of a completely new building, either in addition to the existing property or as a replacement following the demolition of the original building.

If you think that there is even the remotest possibility that you may wish to change a building in some way or another in the future, then the information below could be of interest to you.

Perhaps the most important consideration is to be very clear in your aims from the outset.

The following check-list may be of help in focusing your attention as a buyer on property which is suitable for your needs:

  1. Is there sufficient land to allow for the size of building you intend to create, with enough spare to set-off the property nicely within the context of its immediate surroundings?
  2. Is the location suitable for the style and size of property you have in mind?
  3. Is the land suitable for construction work?
  4. Is the asking price sufficiently low for you to resource the building work within your chosen time-scale?
  5. Have you considered also the general suitability of the location with regard to your lifestyle?
  6. If you need to live in a building whilst building work in going on, would the property be suitable in the short term?
  7. Is it probable that Planning Permission would be granted?
  8. Is the building listed? If so, do you know what the restrictions are, and are you prepared to accept them?
  9. Is the plot in an area of outstanding natural beauty or conservation area. Would this cause a problem for you?
  10. Have you considered the advantages/ disadvantages of older and newer properties?

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